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Chin Up

We all encounter moments in our lives when we question why this or that is happening to us, we delve into the negative and allow that vortex of life where "shit happens" take control of our emotions.

In the MasterChef Beach episode a couple weeks ago, you may heard me call down from the safety of the balcony to Jennifer Caywood Williams to "Chin Up", I did this because she has a passion!

Passion according to definition is "strong and uncontrollable emotion" and that she has, as we all should have!

Jennifer is the gem we all love to have around us, she lives to cook, sing, dance, tell life stories and most importantly "she is who she is"! Here is a person who is separated from her husband, a naval submariner, for extended periods of times and loves him so much that she speaks of him daily! She has taken harsh criticism from those whom don't know her, yet she keeps on being Jennifer.

My friends, Jennifer is the definition of tenacity, we all can learn a lesson from Jennifer Caywood Williams!

So, Keep on being you!

Take it from this life-battle scarred Cowboy, all of us should keep our "Chin Up" despite all adversity in our weakest and most profound moments.

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