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Well, here we go 2018!

I hope you find the New Year to be a prosperous and peaceful New Year. It’s time to cast aside the negativity, the disappointments, the lost goals. Find yourself those goals, simple and attainable, and continue to challenge yourself to be better.

Find time to enjoy yourself and those with whom you enjoy spending time with.

As I have grown older, I’ve softened those tones to which I seemed so dedicated to, understanding that most others weren’t as passionate and could care less about my constant yammering. I’ve promised myself to keep those opinions to myself and to try to see what others opinions may be.

I've promised myself to study different cooking styles, play more in the kitchen and push myself in creativity.

I wish to travel to new places, close and far beyond, to understand how others live and play.

I’m going to put my health before wealth, family before friends, faith before all.

I’m going to keep 2018, like my life, simpler.

What are you doing to find your joy and prosperity in the coming year? Set attainable goals, and hold yourself accountable to them. Create a vision board. I live by mine. Push yourself to be a better version of you. Eat better, relax more, and above all, "Do what you Love, Love what you Do, and Deliver more than you Promise".



Oh, and I'm taking a poll....Beard or No Beard? Comment below to help determine whether this clean-shaven face is temporary or permanent!

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