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God’s Country!

I love to say, and truly believe, I live in “God’s Country”, however the fact of the matter is if, you love where you live and the beauty that abounds you then you, too live in “God’s Country”. I’ve been so blessed in the last two years, not just because of the opportunity to be on MasterChef. It’s been where I have traveled to meet such a diverse community of new friends and fans. From Boston to Yakima, I’ve met so many incredible friends and new family members. Through my travels I’ve seen so much of the country that I never even dreamed of, from apple orchards in Massachusetts to the Cherry trees In the Yakima Valley, wow! Being a native Texan, there is a high expectation of bragging rights of “God’s Country”. Understandably when you look off of my front porch at either the sunrise and/or sunset, you truly see the beauty the He has afforded us in our country. Yet today, I stand off the back porch of an Air BnB in the Yakima Valley and I see His great beauty from the top of Mount Ranier peering over the golden hills to the lush green valley spotted with vineyards, hayfields and orchards, truly paradise for my eyes. This a blessing, to say the least, that I can travel throughout this great country of ours and see, personally, the bounty of His beauty He has so gifted us with. So, with open eyes and mind, no matter where I travel, I will absorb the beauty of “Gods Country”. Tomorrow I head back for a three day travel schedule to my home-view of “God’s Country” while enjoying everyone else’s view of “God’s Country” along the way. So God bless, open your eyes, and take time to stop and smell the roses!

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