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20/20 for 2020

Well, the first week of the New Year is almost gone, and my resolutions are kinda non existent. Yes, I’ve got to lose weight, yes, I want to be more successful, I want more playtime, etc., but my actual goal is to be laser-focused on every aspect of my life and wellbeing. In all of my businesses I wish to have that perfect insight, as is where the term “20/20” is derived.

I continue to notice that I (we) failed “here and there“ due to “this or that”. Understand, “failed” doesn’t necessarily mean the “wheels fell off the wagon”, they may just of had a wobble to them. So, I’m looking not just at how to get from A to B, but how I can improve upon that journey.

For example, last year we cooked a dinner and we left the purveying of goods to someone else - it was disastrous. Other people may not have that same “attention to detail" or just may not share your same vision. Case in point, we were to do a seared scallop appetizer for this particular event, yet the scallops provided were small and not uniform, not at all what I had planned and envisioned for the dish. We had to adapt and improvise, and it turned out okay, but I’m not to here to accept just “okay”. While there truly was no one to "blame" for the scrawny little scallops, the buck stopped with me. Lesson learned, it will not happen again.

We had another wobbly wheel in our real estate business. Understand, “real estate” is my major income producer, and “Farm and Ranch” is my forte and one that I excel at. We had a client, in this example, that we listened to carefully for his “wants and wishes”, then set up a search for properties and followed up carefully, however we could not find the right place for the right monies. Ultimately his goal ended up so far from our original conversation, for as he looked at properties and prices his “wants and wishes” changed, and I (we) never thought to continue to ask if he wanted to change the criteria for his property search. He grew impatient, and in the end opted out of buying. Another important lesson learned.

My goal this year is to master the “attention to detail”, to avoid the oversight of asking those questions, not just to myself via self reflection, but also to ask those simple questions prior to, during and after the event to really “gloss up” the experience. We live in such an information society now that between texts, social media, TV, etc., we seem to fail to get back to that “one on one”, “face to face” in front of our client, heck, in front of our friends and family, for that matter, to build that experience. My goal is to do what I find to be my weakness, to listen and to ask the pertinent questions.

Should you come to me for cooking, real estate, ranching and/or consulting, let’s be candid, communicative and let’s cut out that verbal ancillary “BS” that’s ineffective for the end result. Let’s work together to create experiences, memories and relationships you will look fondly upon for a lifetime!

Happy New Year! I wish you the greatest and most successful year, “Stay 20/20 in 2020!”

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I couldn’t agree more and communication is key! So well said and I am looking forward to seeing you and Melanie this year! And making memories with family and friends! God bless!!


Karen Wells
Karen Wells
Jan 07, 2020

Well said ! I feel communication is the most important thing in life. How would you know if you got it right, if no one spoke up ? Best wishes for 2020 and may we find some time to break bread together this year !

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