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Father's day

Todays blog post comes from a friend of mine, we have both lost our fathers. Jeff lost his father three years ago this month, and I lost my father four months ago. I post his message today to honor those who came before us, who passed on the many good lessons we carry each day with us. A father passes on to the son, the son becomes a man, in time hopefully having the privilege of becoming a Father. I hope we do all of our fathers proud, for I was proud to call him my dad, my father, my friend - and so the journey of life continues.

-Mike Newton

"In reality, we have the chance for immortality, via legacy – the father passes on to the son, and if fate will have it the son becomes a father, or the daughter a mother and so the chain of “legacy” becomes a form of immortality. And, in turn if we choose to accept such gifts we too can choose to add on to our own family tree with patriarchal shoots to grow and prosper. With such, our legacy can continue…

In my youth, when I read of all the Gods and creations spawned in Greek Folklore from Zeus and his children - Zeus’ mortality for me was that of passing on his mythological gifts to those within his realm of God’s, Demi God’s, and even down to that of mere mortals was his wisdom, his teachings, his strengths… He adorned those around him with his seemingly multitudes of endless gifts, so those of his seed could prosper and grow. They could flourish and live out adventurous lives worthy of heroic tales and songs sung to never forget such heroes…

My father was not Zeus – but he was my hero as he was my teacher, like many fathers he selflessly poured his efforts into his children in order to make a better life for us all. His “perfection” was not that defined by Webster – but rather defined in his own philosophy of never stopping or quitting regardless of any tasks at hand. To quit would be merely out of character and would result in others not benefiting from his service and works to come… Jack R Tucker simply kept his head down and elbows up – did what he thought was best and true – and performed to his utmost, his personal best. He rarely missed the mark, but like all hero’s he too had flaws, setbacks, mistakes, losses and from that too I witnessed a man get back up and start again. I learned from him – constantly.

Today we set aside a moment for fathers. We are grateful for their gifts, and we thank them humbly for at least the opportunity to do it as well or better then they. I no longer have my hero to call and wish happy Father’s Day – he has gone over to the other side. I miss him, and mourn him, and love him still. I would give almost anything to simply tell him one more time – thank you, for all of it… I am grateful, so grateful…

Happy Father’s Day – My hero"

-Jeff Tucker

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