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Lamb Chop Debacle

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Well, if you haven't seen it, go ahead and watch the Lamb Chop Debacle, last week on MasterChef.

Who would of thunk that a little rancher would macerate and destroy a perfect Colorado prime lamb chop rack! I did and I did it with passion, it's not that the little lamb did anything to me, it's that I'm a rancher not a butcher. I admit that my view from atop of a horse or behind the wheel of an ATV is much prettier than inside of a butcher shop. Don't get me wrong I respect the job of a butcher and I love the wares he produces, your just not going to catch me inside making beautiful cuts of meats.

As far as ranching goes I raise beef, not lamb, pork, etc. I produce quality Angus, Hereford and Black Baldie cattle who's "superpower" is turning grass into well marbled steaks! If you have seen my physique, you know I didn't get this way eatin' salads, just give me a bone in rib eye and you will see real carnage.

Ok, let's get to the meat of this episode, no pun intended, I dropped the ball, I screwed the pooch! My very first cut at trimming the lamb chop rack was my final cut.

I severed the fat cap that holds the bones in place and they floundered about like falling dominos, I was done from the start, I could not fix this chop no matter if I had the skills of an orthopedic surgeon. I sealed my fate that day and I knew the balcony may not be my destiny.

The beauty of this tale is, Sam was no butcher either and quite frankly he saved my little "lamb chop" butt.

I'm on to the next round!

See you on the next episode, it's going to be a good one!!

When #GordonRamsay looks you in the eye, you listen!

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