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Mystery Departure

Ah, my tenure on MasterChef has come to an end and there are THE lingering questions!

"What the hell happened?"

"Did you go batshit crazy?"

"Who was in the crosshairs when you threw that Caviar jar?"

The truth of it is, MasterChef left my goodbye on the editing room floor. Plain and simple, I was cast aside for ratings with the hope that my huge following was sucked in, first with the "Cliff Hanger", then with the highlight and mystery of who was coming back to LA and who went home from Las Vegas.

I assure you, I didn't give the MasterChefs a true Texas ass-chewin, didn't offer them the opportunity to step out back and "let's chat about it". Quite frankly Chef Ramsay is a big ol' boy and has been around the block a few times, Chef Tossi is a lady and Chef Aaron is just a good ol' fella.

As a matter fact, they afforded me the opportunity to say goodbye, I got some big hugs from the chefs, and they assured me that I didn't fail, I just couldn't get that damn lid off the jar. Funny though, as the Chefs were walking off set with Yachecia, Ramsay looked over and said, "Enjoy that caviar, Newton". Damn British smart ass.

It was my true pleasure to be on this show, and from the Top 20 on, being the senior contestant, I preached respect to one another. My mantra was " We are ladies and gentleman working with ladies and gentleman and we all deserve that common courtesy of respect". BTW, Bo raised me better than to show any disrespect to our gracious hosts at MasterChef.

And, that patio where Yachecia and I got to challenge one another on, was Cher's private condo patio atop of Caesar's Palace, not a bad view. So, if you're going home and getting kicked off the show, no place better than Vegas. It was like leaving the wolf in the middle of a sheep herd!

So to MasterChef, my fellow contestants, family, followers and supporters thank you all so, so much for your kindness, support, feedback and love along this incredible journey!

Hey, this is just the beginning, so keep your eyes open for Cowboy Chef Newton!

Love you all, Newton

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