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Promises, Resolutions, Food and Super Bowl Sunday?

We just completed the first full month of 2018 - are the promises and resolutions starting to wain or become wishful thinking? Is the Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Sonoma, etc starting to cripple your cheeseburger mentality?

Hell yeah, It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Are those carnivorous spreads tempting you to say “screw it”? I say “yes, screw it!” throw it all to the wind, come up with that excuse like “cheat day”, it’s “Super Bowl Sunday and it only comes around once a year”, throw caution to the wind and partake. Step up to the nemesis of the “Monday Morning Weigh-In” put yourself at the head of the buffet table, sample everything and wash it down with, as Samuel L Jackson would say, a “tasty beverage”. There are these times when, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the day is supposed to be centered around the honorary meal. Dig deep into that queso, swim into the salsa, dive into those dips, slather those ribs with BBQ sauce, chomp on those chicken wings, dance through the nine layer dip, tear up those tacos, eat those enchiladas, bite into that burger and do it all with reckless abandon!

Yes, you will have regret, or will you have greater regret for not partaking in this annual ritual? Our lives are way too short, so instead of stopping and smelling the roses, stop and enjoy the annual rituals of buffets, snacks, desserts, etc. However, let’s make this clear, this isn’t an “open season” of gluttony. Have restraint, “small bites”, and for every “tasty beverage” wash that down with some water. Pace yourself so your tummy has time to get full on its own.

Tomorrow will be a new day, so hit the gym like your Super Bowl Sunday buffet,

with reckless abandon.

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