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Adios 2020, yes please!!

When I think of “2020” (still so close, yet seems so far away), I think of perfect vision and clarity.

Well, I must say that 2020 brought clarity and a perfect vision for many! I personally struggled through another stroke, was tested with COVID, and made a decision to open a restaurant during a pandemic.

If anything we all can say, this world has changed dramatically. Working from home may be a huge part of our future, our fast paced world was slowed down, and many found what it is to “stop and smell the roses”, Zoom became a household word, and it’s use reconstructed the business model of the future. Families have found creative ways to spend time together, home cooking became a must, and the restaurants took an unfair beating along with many small businesses being shuttered after so many years of hard work and perseverance. Big businesses got a pass, while small businesses were destroyed. I’m still scratching my head on that one! Civil disobedience grew to a head and popped at the seams, communities think that defunding the police are the best for the community, a rogue police officer brought out racial tensions to an all time high, major sports weren’t so major anymore, finally, our political system (both parties) is in a shambles and we look like the fools worldwide.

All of this derision and disdain has made me look at our (me and my family's) future and the goodness in one another, trusting that good times are ahead of us. Look for goodness in this world, it’s out there, and we must seek it out. Spend time together around the table and make memories with those you love and care about.

I wish you all an incredibly bright future! Tackle 2021 with tenacity and perseverance, and come see us at Newton's at The Cellar - one of the bright spots that came with 2020!

God bless and best wishes despite all the negativity - go make a difference!

P.S. Turn off the TV and experience life!

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