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Being born & raised in the heart of Texas makes me a True Texan, the real deal. It also makes me a bit of a Subject-Matter-Expert of Tex-Mex cuisine, if not from a cooking perspective, most definitely from a consumption perspective! Mexican rice can be tricky - too soupy, too gooey, too bland - it should separate, but not be dry, and chock full of flavor, not just the starch on the plate. My Texican Rice, influenced by my good friend, Tudie Frank-Johnson, with my own Cowboy twist, adds a robust flavor to any Mexican dish. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: ⦁ 2 C Long Grain White Rice ⦁ 4 T Oil (Avocado, Canola, or Chicken Fat) ⦁ 3 C Chicken Stock (from Bouillon or juice from cooked Chicken) ⦁ 1-10 oz Can Rotel Tomatoes (no substitute) ⦁ 1 C Green Chile Salsa ⦁ 2 t Kosher Salt* ⦁ 1 T Pepper* ⦁ 1 T Garlic Powder* ⦁ 2 t Mexican Oregano


1. In large skillet, sauté Rice in Oil on medium high until it begins to brown SLIGHTLY; 2. Add Rotel and Green Chile Salsa and sauté for one minute; 3. Combine Rice mixture, Chicken Stock, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder (*to taste) & Mexican Oregano in baking dish large enough to allow room for expansion; 4. Bake in 385° oven for 40-45 minutes, until all liquid is absorbed; 5. Remove from oven & let rest 15-30 minutes; 6. Fluff & serve; you can thank me later!

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