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Life After MasterChef

Life has certainly gotten a little crazy since #lifeafterMasterChef. To date we’ve raised over $400,000 for local charities, primarily by donating 4-5 course Private Dining Events for 10, have done multiple EatWith Cowboy Chef Newton and ticketed Dining Events, many of those paired with some of my fellow MasterChef contestants, Cooking Classes, Corporate Events, Cowboy Chef's Table Events, and Guest Chef Events.


Recently I had the great honor of being the Guest Chef in conjunction with a book signing with the g​reat Texas Author, Reavis Z. Wortham, at Jett's Grill at Hotel Paisano in Marfa, TX. It was a sold out house, and even though the food wasn't up to my own personal standards, there were a lot of empty plates sent back to the kitchen, so all in all, I would consider it a success. I am looking forward to going back to this little West Texas town next summer to be a Guest Chef for the Agave Festival. Stay tuned for dates and plan to join us!


Last month it was my pleasure to host Chef Gabriel Lewis and Chef Jason Wang, 2 of my MasterChef compadres, for 2 different Cooking Classes, one focused on Pasta and one on Steak. Watch for more Cooking Classes for both adults and children in the next few months!


We will have another opportunity to Dine With Cowboy Chef Newton next month, Friday, September 28th, in Haslet. This will be limited to 20 guests. Watch for the menu and reservation opportunities in the next few days.


If you’ve got a special occasion coming up and would like to share an incredible meal with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or if you have a charity in need of a unique Live Auction item, let me know. If you’d like to join one of my cooking classes or come to a ticketed Dining Event, subscribe to stay up to date about those offerings.


So even though my time on MasterChef did not go as I would have liked, with that damn caviar jar bringing my time in the MasterChef Kitchen to an end and the “unceremonious departure”, as The Dallas Morning News so accurately described it in their July 25th article, I am grateful to MasterChef for the many blessings past, present and yet to come. We have met some incredible folks along the way and have enjoyed great fellowship and obviously some good eats. The friendships made with my MasterChef Family are friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ve all been to the woods together and back again, lived together in an intense environment for weeks, learned from each other, laughed together, and cried together, things that build relationships as strong as oak. I look forward to many more opportunities for culinary greatness with these talented chefs. So stay tuned, as this Cowboy has a whole lot of ride left in him and the best is yet to come!

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