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French Meets Southern - a 4-course Dining Experience with wines by Caymus Vineyards

Join us Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 pm at Newton's Saddlerack for a 4-course Dining Experience where French meets Southern, a collaboration of 4 very diverse and talented chefs, Chef Gabriel Lewis from MasterChef Seasons 8 & 12, Chef Anthony Bar from Vanderpump Villa, Chef Shayne "the Train" Wells from MasterChef Junior & MasterChef Season 12 and Cowboy Chef Newton from MasterChef Seasons 8 & 12, each bringing their distinctive style, creativity and skills to the table to create a memorable Dining Experience to showcase the fine wines of Caymus Vineyards (wine pairing optional and priced separately).


Shrimp and Grits with Sauce Béarnaise

Classic Southern shrimp and grits served with a creamy French béarnaise sauce.


Piquant Melon Gazpacho with Chèvre Cheese Foam 


Barbecue Duck à l'Orange

A fusion of Southern barbecue duck with the classic French duck à l'orange sauce with French-style Lyonnaise potatoes.


Peach Clafoutis

A Southern twist on the traditional French clafoutis, using fresh Texas peaches instead of cherries.

Optional Wine Pairing with wines from Caymus Vineyards will elevate this Dining Experience even further.

Seating is limited and tickets are available at


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